The difference that five years make

These are photos of the same kapok tree in U.P. Los Baños. The first photo was taken in November, 2005; the second was taken last Monday. I asked Speedy and Alex to pose in front of the tree exactly the way they did in 2005 because… well, just because. It’s our special tree, you know, but you’ll have to read a much earlier entry to understand why.

The tree has grown, obviously. Speedy noticed the damaged sidewalk right away. The tree’s roots have grown so much that the concrete sidewalk has cracked where the roots have pushed it upward.

  • auee

    amazing… it’s still growing ;-P

    • Connie Veneracion

      Grabe, no? I wonder how old it is…

      • emyM

        Awesome!! Ang ganda.

        • geri

          That’s a pretty neat picture. Amazing tree!

        • Anna

          It looks much healthier now.

          • beth

            Not only the tree but your 2 models have grown too! :)

          • http://none Crisma

            Oh yes, it sure is a great tree… and great models, too. Both worthy of a great shot! Parang kindred souls ;) … Nature does have a good way of caring for its own.

          • zara

            i remembered the tree of wisdom of a computer game called plants vs. zombies. hehehe!

          • browneyedgirl


          • Ludwig

            Katakot. lolz

          • d0d0ng

            It will keep on growing.

            My Lola used to have one at her frontyard which gave a generous shade and literally covered the street. And few PUJs parked underneath while the lazy drivers snored as the day gone by. Not hard to imagine, PUJ owners had another day of missed boundary income for its drivers who always had different and clever reasons of having a bad day except snoring under the kapok tree.

            We called it DolDol tree in Mindanao. When we were little, my aunt used to scare us of the kapre that lived “kuno” in the DolDol tree for us to stop playing at the street.

            During summer, we harvested the fibers and separated them from the seeds to be used for filling the pillows and matresses. Coz, we hated doing the job we paid little attention to the seeds. So Lola let taught us a lesson by having us sleep on pillow filled with newly harvested DolDol fibers. Ngek, you can hardly sleep with that many tiny seeds like peppercorn. Hehe. So we grudgingly removed the seeds before Lola can sell the fibers.

            I have pleasant memories for the DolDol tree despite the hard labor of removing the seeds. In hindsight, I am wondering who decided to cut Lola’s tree coz it was not there when we graduated high school.

          • Connie Veneracion

            There used to be a huge santol tree beside the garage in my parents’ house. And when my brother and I refused to sleep, we’d be told that the kapre in the santol tree would come and get us. LOL

          • Connie Veneracion

            Right! Alex is a few inches taller. :)