Chicken lo mein with soy-lemon sauce: fast, easy, tasty

When was in development, a group of bloggers, myself included, was approached to form the core of the community and we were each asked to contribute three unpublished recipes. This was one of the recipes I submitted. I am republishing it here for the benefit of readers who are not members of the Foodie community.

If the noodles are tossed in hot oil before the cooked meat and vegetables are added, you have a chow mein. If they aren’t, you have a lo mein. This, then, is a lo mein. Colorful, healthy and so easy to prepare. The combination of light soy sauce with lemon juice gives this Oriental noodle dish just the right balance in flavor. Chicken skin adds moisture and flavor to the dish but if you prefer a low-fat version of this dish, use skinless chicken breast fillets.

As with any quick stir-fried dish, the cooking time is short and the cooking temperature is very high. It is best to have all the ingredients ready and arranged in an assembly line before you start cooking. »

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