How to cook: Sigarillas (winged bean), patani (lima bean) and squash in coconut milk

When Speedy said he had ginataang sigarillas at some eatery and liked it, I agreed to try and reproduce it at home. How hard could that be, right? There is really just one basic way to cook stews in coconut milk — saute the aromatics, add the vegetables, pour in the coconut milk and stew away. The variety lies not in the stewing process itself but in the combination of vegetables and meat or seafood.

So, on to cooking ginataang sigarillas. For my version, I added cubes of squash (I love color!) and patani. Speedy said my version is better than the one he had at the unknown eatery. He was not familiar with patani, was surprised at the gorgeous texture so I guess it’s going to be a new favorite at home. Hopefully, it won’t be too hard to source fresh patani on a regular basis. »