Sticky Szechuan Pork

Last night we feasted. We had dinner with Batjay, Tito Rolly and Apol, and the menu was as carnivorous as a meal could possibly get. Half a duck (served three-way), pata tim, lechon macau, siao long bao, yang chow and a token vegetable dish. You’d think that after all that meat, we’d have had our fill and abstain for the next couple of days. But when I asked Speedy earlier what he wanted for lunch, he said very clearly, “Pork.” So pork it was.

To make sticky Szechuan pork, you’ll need Szechuan peppercorns and a few other seasonings and spices. Then, you just brown the pork, braise it in broth then toss the meat with the sauce. Pretty simple but very tasty and aromatic. »

How to cook: Chinese salt baked chicken


For Filipinos who are fans of pinaupong manok, well, it looks like the venerable pinaupong manok has a Chinese ancestor. Chinese salt baked chicken is chicken baked in a blanket of salt and spices. The salt is scraped off before serving as it is no … »