Goto (congee with beef tripe) with coconut milk. Winner!


Lugaw (congee; rice porridge) is ubiquitous in Asia and there are so many ways to enjoy it. Mostly, it’s the toppings and accompaniments that vary and give the plain lugaw a unique flavor and look each time. But what if it’s the lugaw itself that’s given a new twist?

On a whim, I added coconut milk to my goto (beef tripe congee) and the result was surprisingly good! »

Rice and beans in coconut milk


When Sam asked me to cook "rice and beans", I immediately thought of Mexican cooking. The rice and bean dish is something I always associated with Mexican food. But, apparently, it's much bigger than that. Rice and beans are cooked together all over South America. The Cubans have their arroz moro, there's gallo pinto in … »

Filipino comfort food: lugaw at tokwa’t baboy (congee with pork and tofu side dish)


It's breakfast. It's snack. If it's a large serving, it can be lunch or dinner. Lugaw (congee) may be Chinese in origin but when served with a side dish of tokwa't baboy (diced pork and fried tofu) doused with soy-vinegar sauce, it is definitely Filipino.There are many ways to cook congee and different varieties of rice … »

How to cook: South Asian Lemon Rice


It's isn't yellow because of the lemon fruit although this rice dish has both lemon juice and lemon zest. It derives its color from the turmeric added to it. But the flavors are definitely not limited to the turmeric and the lemon. There are many versions and variations of lemon rice, and each has a different combination or … »

Basmati rice: preferred in South Asian and Middle Eastern cooking


Filipinos like to add pandan leaves to rice while cooking but with basmati, there is no need. Basmati is a long-grain rice with the natural aroma and flavor of pandan leaves. Has to do with something called 2-Acetyl-1-pyrroline which basmati has twelve times more of than other rice varieties. Apart from the aroma and the … »

How do you like your congee: with everything on top or on the side?


In Asia where rice is a staple, congee is a dish found in just about every cuisine. But how congee is cooked and served differ from culture to culture and region to region. Some people cook the rice in water until the mixture is almost a paste. Others prefer a thin soup. Even the kind of rice used, whether sticky or not, … »

How to cook: Omurice (omelet rice)


In the Apicius Culinary School cook-off, one of the entries consisted of pan grilled chicken and rice wrapped in egg. I loved the presentation but I thought that the rice omelet didn't really go well with the rest of the dish. When reader Nina commented that egg-wrapped rice is common in Brunei, I started searching for the … »

How to cook: Lamb biryani


Although considered an everyday dish in many South Asian countries, cooking biryani can be a challenge especially because the list of ingredients is long and can be intimidating. But it is really worth the effort. Since biryani is a complete meal, just think of all the work as the equivalent amount of work you'd be doing if … »