Togue guisado with lechon kawali (mung bean sprouts stir fry with crisp roasted pork)

Togue (mung bean sprouts) is among the cheapest vegetables available all year ’round in many Southeast Asian countries, and at least one version of the very basic stir fried mung bean sprouts can be found in every region of every Southeast Asian nation.

In the Philippines, we have the ubiquitous togue guisado, literally, sauteed mung bean sprouts, but the name may be a misnomer because only the aromatics are in fact sauteed and the togue is stir fried with the sauteed aromatics afterward. Other vegetables like sliced green beans and julienned carrots are sometimes added both for color and texture. The non-vegetable ingredient may be shrimp, pork or tofu, or a combination of two or all of them.

In this version of togue guisado, I added lechon kawali. The lechon kawali needs to be cooked and cut before cooking the togue. Click here for instructions on how to cook lechon kawali without frying.

The seasoning is basically a combination of patis and soy sauce because both give an added depth to saltiness that plain salt just can’t provide. Why not one or the other? First, because they have different flavors and it would be such a pity not to have both in the dish. Second, for that wonderful color. Patis alone leaves the togue too pale after cooking; soy sauce without patis makes the ┬ásprouts too dark. So, I use a combination. »

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Japchae (jabchae, chapchae or chapchee), a Korean noodle dish

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Togue (mung bean sprouts)


Mung bean sprouts, or togue in Filipino, is one of the cheapest vegetables in the local market. Probably one of the reasons for the cheap price is that togue is easy to cultivate. The mung beans, or mongo, sprout from two to five days. I know this for a fact because it was a popular science project in grade school. Planting … »