How to cook: Sambal kangkong with shrimp paste

Having just recently discovered the myriad of kangkong recipes in various Asian cuisines, my kangkong world has expanded by leaps and bounds. How was I to know that by simply changing the spelling of kangkong into kangkung or by splitting kang kong into two words, I’d discover so many other ways to cook it apart from dropping it into a pot of sinigang or sauteing it adobo style?

This dish is a new beginning for me too. After having stayed away from bagoong for decades because of an allergy, I discovered that my digestive system can tolerate it in small amounts. Half a teaspoonful for a whole bunch of kangkong good for two to three persons meant that only half or less of the bagoong would go into my body. And with such small amount, I can tolerate the stinky smell too. »