How to cook: Inasal na manok (grilled chicken, Bacolod style)

When Speedy asked me once if I knew how to make inasal na manok, I said yes without a second thought. In fact, I was rather surprised because the implication was that inasal na manok is something complicated or that the recipe is a tightly guarded secret. Literally, inasal na manok means roasted chicken, inasal being derived from the Spanish word asar which means “to roast.”

In contemporary Filipino cooking, however, inasal na manok has become synonymous with grilled chicken as it has become popular in Bacolod City, capital of Negros Occidental. While there is no single and definitive recipe for inasal na manok, what seems to set it apart from other grilled chicken dishes is the lack of anything sweet in the marinade. Even the dipping sauce — a mixture of vinegar, shallots, garlic, ginger and chilis — is sour.

This is my version of inasal na manok. »

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