Corn egg drop soup

There’s a storm, you probably wouldn’t know that if you’re not a resident of the Philippines, classes had been suspended and many parts of Luzon, including Metro Manila, are flooded. We are all stuck at home including Alex’s friend, Iya, who was spending the weekend so that she and Alex could wrap up the paper work for their thesis.

The bad news was that when the rain started to pour, we were out of almost everything. No flour, no bread, no vegetables and we were down to the last few eggs.

The good news is that the announcement of suspension of classes came early enough — hours before Speedy was supposed to drive the girls back to Manila. No one had to brave the downpour and floods, and risk being stranded on the road, and no one had to get stuck in the city where food delivery services were most likely suspended.

The even better news is that, despite being stuck in the house, groceries are open and Speedy was able to go out early today to buy everything we needed. Dinner was pork and kangkong with black bean sauce and rice, and this corn egg drop soup.

A popular soup in Chinese restaurants, cooked flaked chicken or crab meat, or small shrimps can be added to the basic corn egg drop soup. If using crab or shrimp, it is advisable to use broth made by boiling crab or shrimp shells for a more uniform and deeper flavor. »

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