Independence Day lunch: fried fish, poqui-poqui and bulalo soup

I’m not big on occasions unless you’re talking birthdays. Birthdays are special. But Independence Day, I have ambivalent feelings about. Unlike other people who make plans to go out and watch Independence Day activities, we stayed home and slept in late. Very late. And when I got out of bed, the first thing I wished for was rain (it was so darn humid) — it never crossed my mind that torrential rains will ruin whatever parades, fireworks displays and whatnots have been scheduled for the day.

In fact, I wasn’t even aware of the date. Two days ago, I knew it was exactly a week before Speedy’s birthday, a week is a long time so I absentmindedly decided I should start counting the days again in three days’ time or so when I should begin making plans about what to cook and bake for birthday boy.

So, Independence Day almost came and went. Until I went online and there were all those photos of the flag and “Happy Independence Day” greetings. And that was when I realized that, subconsciously or by sheer coincidence, everything I prepared for lunch was decidedly a hundred percent Pinoy fare. »

How to cook: Chili eggplants


On Asian Food Channel, there is a Malaysian cooking show that I can watch with the audio off. Yep, the talkies are in Malaysian but there are subtitles. I love that show although I can't even remember its name. The cook is a middle-aged woman who … »