How to make: Vietnamese iced coffee (ca phe sua da, cafe sua da)

Coffee fiend that I am, the first time I saw this concoction in an episode of Bobby Chinn’s TV show on the Travel & Living Channel, I knew I was going to try it at home. It’s iced coffee, Vietnamese style — very strong brewed coffee (think espresso) mixed with sweetened condensed milk and stirred with ice.

You’d be amazed how something so simple, and with very basic ingredients, can taste so good. In coffee shops, I often watch modern-day barristas spicing up their coffees and topping them with out-of-this-world creamy decorations… but me? I go for the taste. And the texture. Never mind the eye candy.

Serves 2 (I was the only one at home when I made this, so, me + me = 2). »