Pork, beans and chili with coconut milk sauce

Pork, beans and chili with coconut milk sauce

The pork and beans combination is good with tomato sauce but tomato sauce isn’t the only sauce the combo is good with. Pork and beans are good with coconut milk too especially if you add chilies and ginger. Beans, like meat, are rich in protein and they are filling too. In effect, you eat less meat but you don’t ingest less protein.

I cooked this dish partially in the slow-cooker. You can use any thick-bottomed pot but I have to warn you that dry beans take a long time to cook. You can use canned but it won’t be the same as slow cooking the beans and pork (with some bones) together so that the beans soak up all the meaty flavor. »

Chili pork adobo with coconut cream


More than eight years ago, I was told about Adobo Republic's Adobo Diablo. Knowing how the devil is associated with the heat of hell, I knew it would be spicy hot. I cooked my version without having gone to Adobo Republic nor having tried its Adobo … »

How to cook: Fried fish with spicy tamarind sauce (pla rad prig)


By itself, fried fish does not excite me. But pair fried fish with a good sauce and I get an adrenalin rush.We had a pack of bangus (milkfish) belly fillets in the freezer and it was the fastest thing to thaw for lunch today. I wasn't sure what I … »

Pressure cooker salay-ginto (yellowstripe scad) with coconut milk


The most serious reason I missed my pressure cooker was because I love, love, loooovveee pressure cooking small bangus (milkfish) until every bit of it is edible -- bones and all. You know, sardines style. Now that my pressure cooker is back in … »

Chili beef with coconut cream


All morning yesterday, I simmered two large chunks of beef chuck until they were so tender they were literally falling apart. Problem was I couldn't decide what dish to make out of them. It was really time to go food shopping but I had to postpone it … »

Spicy pompano and green papaya soup


Inspired by a chicken soup called halang-halang, this fish dish is great as a soup or as a main dish. A single 800-gram pompano is enough for three persons. Add cubes of green papaya, chayote or upo (bottle gourd) to make it even more filling.But … »

Labahita (surgeonfish) with spicy coconut cream sauce

Labahita (surgeonfish) with spicy coconut cream sauce

Filipino and Thai cooking intersect in many ways as we share a lot of native ingredients including coconut cream or milk, lemongrass and chili. Dishes of fish, meat or chicken cooked with coconut milk or cream and a motley of vegetables are found in … »