How to cook: Vietnamese chicken and pineapple stir fry

Four years ago, I found a chicken and pineapple recipe from an American-published Vietnamese cookbook. A couple of weeks ago, in an episode of Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam, I watched chef Luke Nguyen cook a very similar dish using thinly sliced pork neck. The difference: Luke Nguyen’s recipe uses more herbs and spices traditionally associated with Vietnamese cuisine. In short, it appeared more authentic.

Fresh pineapple chunks were used in this recipe. I urge you to NOT substitute canned pineapple chunks as they will not expel any natural juices during cooking. It is the natural juice of the pineapple that really brings all the flavors together as the juice reduces and thickens over very high heat.

This is a stir fried dish which requires very high heat and short cooking time. See stir frying basics for more tips. »

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