Sunset in Puerto Galera


Speedy and his officemates were in Puerto Galera for three days last week. It was a company-sponsored outing so I couldn’t go with him. He did bring home a lot of photos though.

These sunset photos were taken from the roof deck of Paul’s Place where they stayed.



I’ll post the underwater photos later.

  • Jon Limjap

    Speedy’s getting good at this too huh? :)

  • Kotsengkuba

    ganyang sunset ang hinihintay kong lumabas sa west lake nung 3 days namin sa hangzhou kaso di naman nagpakita. may marine pack na ang camera nyo?

    ang galing ng shots ;-)

  • Connie Veneracion

    Dapat lang, Jon. hehehehe

    Kotsengkuba, he has a waterproof camera. Olympus 720SW.

  • Connie Veneracion

    White Lion, what it doesn’t do well is low-light macro shots. Even low-light landscapes are grainy if viewed on full size format. For web use though, when resized, the photos are pretty good.

  • Jaime Monreal

    WOW!!! It’s time to build that dream house on top of the hill now.

    Are you sure the girls did not get their artistic talents from Speedy?

  • Connie Veneracion

    Oh they did. Speedy and his brothers and sister. They’re all great with these drawing and painting stuff.

  • JMonreal

    Congratulations to you and your family. May your kind be bountiful.

  • julie

    Ang ganda! Yun lang po ang masasabi ko, with regards to this matter na na-isolate ko :D

  • Chris

    I was there with my family a while back when we visited The Philippines. The pictures make me long for those times.

  • Connie Veneracion

    Julie, HAHAHAHAHA quotable quotes ba lines ng PLDT customer service? HAHAHAHA

  • Redge

    Hi Connie! I’ve got the same camera as your husband’s but I didn’t know it could take such great photos as these. The photos I’ve taken with it are forgettable so I’ve been scouting for a better point and shoot. After seeing these I might just keep it and practice with it some more. Thanks to you and Speedy!

  • KK aka Tina

    WOW! Ang ganda ng pagka-kuha.

  • White Lion

    Amazingly beautiful shots for a small camera. I’ll consider this model when in the market again. I’ve been a Nikon man for years.

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