Sierra Madre resort and convention center

hanging foot bridge leading from the mini golf course to the viewing deck

The Sierra Madre resort and convention center is right along the National Highway in Tanay. We spent a few hours there last year as part of a day-long road trip to celebrate my younger daughter’s birthday. We brought our own picnic lunch and rented some tables and chairs on the veranda overlooking the mini golf course. The cool air, the spectacular view of the Sierra Madre mountain range… wow, if all you’ve seen of the Philippines is Metro Manila, you’d think you weren’t in the Philippines at all.

The hanging foot bridge in the photo, located at the edge of the mini golf course, leads to the viewing deck.

the viewing deck

The viewing deck–that’s my friend Mabel, her daughter Jill and Jill’s yaya.

a bridge on a golf course

My daughter Alex running on the bridge over an artificial pond on the mini golf course.

the kids resting after lunch

My daughter Sam, and friends’s kids, resting on the lawn after lunch.

If you want to visit the Sierra Madre resort and convention center, I’d advise you to bring your own food. We did but we were tempted by the menu and we decided to order lechon kawali. Bad mistake. The lechon kawali was hard as rock.

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  • liza

    hi there, i want to ask how much is the entrace fee? i want to bringe my daughter there before the school year starts. based on your pics, its a nice place to visit. thanks.

    • Connie

      none, Anna. Just a mini golf course.

      • chelle

        whats the complete address of sierra madre?

      • Connie

        dunno which barangay it’s at but it along the national highway, chelle.

        • Wilson Cariaga

          really?? there is no swimming pool??

  • Anna Sabularse

    Hello, I just want to know if there is a swimming pool for kids at Sierra Madre Resort? thanks.

  • Connie

    none, wilson.

  • Faye

    Just wanna know if there’s a hotel , I mean you knwo a place where you can stay, sleep comfortable like a hotel.

  • Faye

    and additional question..if there is a hotel then how much is the rate, thanks!

  • Connie

    There are rooms for overnight stay, Faye. Dunno about the rates though.

    • Chie

      Hi, just would like to know if you have any contact numbers. Please let me know. We are planning to visit this summer with the group. Thanks.

      • Connie

        I have no contact info, Chie. Sorry.

    • Mariel Cruz

      What are your room rates? Are there still available room from Dec 31-Jan 1 for 8 adults?

      • Abe Dumlao

        Hi… is there a website where we can see the amenities for this resort?


  • Joy


    Do you have other photos that you can share? I was able to get their number and contacted them, it seems that the place is really good based on their description but its hard to visualize everything. Photos taken recently may be a big help for me to consider getting the place for our department kick off.


  • ruth

    correction, peeps. there a pool available at seirra madre resort. i’ve been there last year. we conducted our leadership training there. it’s really a nice place to visit.!!! thumbs up!

    • Ice

      I’m also looking for their contact numbers. Can anybody help me? We had our convention there January last year and we are soooo amazed of the scenery. Visit my site if you want to see more photos of The Sierra Madre Resort.

      • michelle

        the number of sierra madre is 913-2001. our hotel rooms capacity is 300 beds. we have 3 swimming pools for kids and adults. we have also natural waterfalls, lagoons, mountain area for jungle tricking and 9 holes golf course, gazebo for garden weddings and receptions, horse backriding for kids, firing range for shooting aficionado, balroom dancing, family reunion area and multi porpuse hall, vedioke and billiard,and garden restaurant facing sierra madre mountains. come and enjoy the cold weather of this mountain resort. this place is 42 km away from junction katipunan and marcos highway. the complete address is km 58 marcos high-way, sampaloc, Tanay Rizal.

        • krystyn joy

          We were there this month and it was a welcome respite from Manila’s heat. And so near. They say it is 3rd summer capital of the Phils. We are coming back for my mom’s seminar while my sister and cousins will try going up the prayer mountain and the natural swimming pools and horsebackriding. How do I upload pics I got from there?


          • zaza

            this is where i spent lenten season with friends this year… a nice place to have as a getaway to think that it’s just minutes away from manila… you can check my site for some photos during our stay in the resort

        • james

          what are the rates of your room, entrance fee, and other amenities…? thanks,,,

  • lori

    Thanks for the info michelle, we do have a lot in store in Sierra Madre. Amenities are..Camping or picnic, Horseback riding, Billiards, Golf pitch and putiing, Videoke, Mahjong and Firing range. The prices are very reasonable. You may contact 9132001 for booking and reservations…Enjoy!!!!

  • lori

    …oops I forgot…we do have swimming pools for adults and kids as well…

    • jen


      magkano ang entrance fee? we’ll be there on march 8.


  • Andrew

    Is there any website whereby I can check? Any help is appreciated.

  • Insider-Insights

    Hi I saw this place na check out my site for some pics…

    • lori

      hello there,

      you may also contact us at 9839472 and we will give you more info about tanay resot…brochures available. its very affordable and we have newly built overlooking rooms..3 swimming pools, and horse back riding available..enjoy!!!

      • aika

        Sa totoo lang once in a while nag pupunta kmi dun with our kids.Kasi iba ang pakiramdam dyan sa lugar na yan.Tahimik at ramdam mo ang nature.Gusto ko makatakbo at ma experience nang anak ko ang pagiging bata talaga na malayo sa karsada.
        Really nice place!

        • mari

          do you have available rooms for company outing after holy week?for about 20 persons.april 18-19?

      • LULAY

        CORRECTION THE NUMBER FOR RESERVATION IS 913-2001,thank you i hope to see u there!enjoy!

        • cary

          me with some of our club members are going to this resort as the delegates of fslf youth for the 4th clear youth network…=))

  • jerry isles

    hi can i ask the direction going to sierra madre resort if im coming from binangonan via national road cardona, morong & tanay.
    looking forward for your reply asap.thanks a lot.

    • mhark kherylle

      i just want to ask if you have a reservation on october 30 and november 06?? just tell me if you have… thanksss

  • Larry Gonzales

    may i know the website of sierra madre resort or kindly e-mail the contact nos. thank you

    • Connie Veneracion

      Aren’t they already in the comment thread?

  • melay_ruiz

    hi…kindly mail me ung rates nyo po sana @…kz po, my barkada is planning to have a get-together this summer..thankz po and God bless!

  • okidok

    Sierra madre resort is the place to be for people who love nature. we, together wid my rider buddies, actually frequents this place every sunday when we ride our bikes. We never get tired of going to this place for it serve as our sanctuary after an enjoyable, tiring motorcycle ride. To be there is like being instantly refreshed and gives us energy to ride back to manila. the place is awesome.

  • Shirley Bolanos

    Most of my friends are interested to experience staying here at sierra madre resort.We just want to know what are the rates for the entrance,accommodations,any package rates.Please send it to my email:,

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    • lori

      hello, sorry ms. connie..guys just call nalang 9132001 or 9839472 for iNQUIRIES about sierra madre.

      • gwen

        no one is answering your phone.I’ve been trying to contact for weeks now.i even sent a text message but no one replied.

        • Chinggay

          to gwen,
          I already informed the sierra madre staff about your case. She told me that maybe when you tried calling, the shooting of mara clara was on-going.The shooting was at the front desk.Please leave your cell number or landline number so she can give you a call.

  • mhark kherylle

    send me a message in my yahoo.

    • agat0ne

      gling aku dyn knina….wla nman hanging bridge ah??….

      • Connie Veneracion

        Wow, 2006 pa yang entry na yan.

  • http://yahoo Omar

    Nadaanan ko nga yan. Maganda. Balak kong pumunta kami ng pamilya ko para ma-experience ng mga anak ko ang nature. Isa-suggest ko rin sa company namin na mag outing dyan.

  • http://yahoo Omar

    magkano ang rate dyan?

    • jny

      we’ve been to Sierra Madre 3 yrs ago… the place is really good, but the food they cater is really disappointing. but if you want to see a perfect sky view,I suggest, wake up as early as 5:00 am, the clouds is almost like a cotton balls… PERFECT!!!! no exageration, akala ko sa china paintings or china mountain province lng may ganon view.. it’s really worth waking up early

      • Hengie

        How much is the rate and is there any website where i can check?

  • Amiel, France

    PLS CHECK OUT MY FACEBOOK: for more pictures. for reservation, pls email me, or call me a t 0922-4610048. Thanks.

    • ninster

      Sir Mike, wahat is ur email Address? i’ll sent you a map and brochures way to go Sierra Madre Resort

      • Kathy

        Hi, please do send me the map brochure and other contact details on Sierra Madre Resort.

        • Diane Calacday

          can u please call us at 09229332750… regarding rates of sierra madre resort or email us at….

          • Connie Veneracion

            PLEASE PLEASE read first before making requests. This isn’t Sierra Madre’s website.

          • Mae

            Pls. email me the vicinity map to sierra madre resort. Thanks.

          • Rhed

            hi!!! i just wanted to ask if you have packages for honeymoon and it’s inclusions…my wedding is on monday so ryt now i’m on a rush looking for a cheap price but very nice place…

          • Connie Veneracion

            Didn’t you read the entry at all? This isn’t Sierra Madre’s website.

      • nica

        hi! pa send nmn po ng brochure and map to Sierra Madre Resort.thanks!

        • Connie Veneracion

          Hi, paki basa naman kung ano itong blog na ito bago mag request nang wala sa lugar. Thanks!

  • mike f.

    i badly needed directions to go here.. plus gusto ko dumaan ng marilaque twisties, kumain ng bulalo kina mang vic ( i read an article masarap daw dito, dont know the name of the place madali na siguro magtanong) and i really wanna conquer the twisties of marilaque. can someone email me info on this? please please please –

    thank you so much, hoping for kind responses..

  • mari

    we tried calling them yesterday, and no one was answering the phone. when we got there a while ago, we knew why. we were there 5 hours ago. the place is a mess. there was no receptionist, no security guard, and the rooms look like they’re straight out of a horror film. if you’re planning to sleep there, don’t. the place is only good for day trips.

  • cipriano de francisca

    nakapunta na ko dito last year..sobrang ganda ng view.relaxing..kaso sana mas pagandahin pa nila yung mga rooms.
    abot-kaya naman. : )

    • The Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort

      Thank you, Miss Connie, for visiting our place. We wish to have you as our guest again very soon. Our zipline is now operational and your family might wanna try. We can be reached through 9948224, 9132001 or 6974321… =)

      • sheryl masangkay

        hai der, baka nmn pwede makahingi ng e-mail add neo,., papareserve sana ko ng room for 7 to 8 person and how much is the price for 2 nights and 3 days.? sana ma mail neo sakin here is my e-mail add many thanks

        • susan sta. cruz

          please send us your contracted rates for day tour and overnight packages,,.
          thanks ,
          GOD BLESS…

          • Chinggay

            Sierra madre resort and convention center is located at the peak of the mountain. It is overlooking the sierra madre mountain and if you’ve been to Banaue Rice terraces and have checked in at Banaue Hotel, halos parehas ang view. Sobra lamig sa early evening and early morning. Napakanipis ng hangin at talagang mararamdaman mo at ang amoy ay napakabango. Amoy nature talaga.I’ve been to diffrerent countries and I was surprised to see and experienced na mayroon pa palang magandang lugar dito sa Pilipinas and sobra malapit sa metro manila.We went there only yesterday and we were 32 .we reserved the new logcabins. The rates are very affordable and new.My nephew was check in were Sarah Geronimo stayed.Its a favorite place especially for shooting films and teleserye. I heard the teleserye Mara clara is there 2x a week. Sayang we only stayed there overnight. I am planning to bring my Proser/Medical City staff this May. It is only 1 1/2-2 hours drive from Quezon City. Anyday, my son who took pictures of the place will post it sa internet. If you really want peace,quiet, and nature. Sierra Madre Resort is the best place to go. Pwede rin yung lugar for team building and seminars. Don’t worry about the food, masarap ang cook nila especially he bulalo and pinakbet. Available na pala ung zipline nila
            Again it was a nice respite from heavy skeds and busy life.If you have questions to ask I can always answer it.

          • marites

            Is the swimming pool hot there?

          • Chinggay

            the water of the swimming pool is quite okay during the day.But don’t ever dare to swim at night coz it’s too cold. Masyado malamig sa gabi.Ang sarap ng hangin sa gabi and early morning.But swimming during daytime is quite fine. Masarap maligo kasi hindi mainit ang tubig.But there are alot of things to do during the day aside from swimming.

  • http://none Jumper

    My family and I stayed at Sierra Madre Resort last Friday. It’s an hour and an hour and a half drive from SM Masinag. It’s at KM 56 of Marcos Highway. The place is good for nature lovers. Full of greens and mountains. The room was quite old but I would say fair enough because it was clean.

    There are 3 pools here. One near the cabin lodges and the other 2 down the trail. People usually swim by the cabin lodges because the other pools are 2 far.

    My only negative feedback here is their security. I’m not sure if they have security guards. The people there don’t seem to be dangerous but still better safe than sorry.

    Overall, it is a place to visit. No traffic, no toll fees…cool mountain breeze, a picturesque drive, and an awesome view.

    • lara

      hi. what is the classification of ur hotel? is it AAA hotel or AA? or
      is it 5,4,3 star hotel?

      • Joey G.

        I was their in sierra madre last year november 2010 sobrang ganda and the price is affordable.
        Sana makabalik kami dyan and makita na ang bagong development baka may zip line na…

        • JR

          Please send me your brochure and map. Thank You

          • Connie Veneracion

            Map to…??

  • florence g. barcil

    im planning to celebrate my bday in sierra madre how much po ang entrance fee and your rooms..

    • Connie Veneracion

      This is not the website of Sierra Madre.

  • chris

    can i ask if your accepting for a pre-nup photoshoot.. thnks

    • Connie Veneracion

      ASk who?

  • nickie


    i would like to inquire on your rates for prenup venue on saturday october 13, please advise if the place is still available thanks.
    we will hold the photoshoot in the morning.


    • Connie Veneracion

      Why don’t you try reading before commenting so you’ll know you’re addressing the wrong person.


        please email me about the rates for 10-12 persons. we plan to go there dec 15 to 16. overnight. is camping available for such number? I need your answer ASAP please.

        • Connie Veneracion

          Please read so you can understand that this is not the place to ask that.

  • joy evangelista

    must we reserve or can we go there as walk-in? If we would like an overnight stay and we are about 10. what kind of room do you suggest and how much ?

    • Connie Veneracion

      Does it say anywhere on this page that this is the official website of the resort? :)

      I suggest that you READ before you comment.

  • medel

    you can also visit our website for more of tanay

  • Connie

    I can’t remember anymore, Liza. Something like P80.00, I think.

  • shali

    what is your website?

  • Reych

    hello! is sierra madre resort also called pranjetto resort?

  • anonymous

    for inquiries ..

  • Connie Veneracion


  • jas

    I’ve been here many times.. the place is not hard to find, just keep going straight from marcos hi-way to the antipolo direction. When you leave civilization behind and you’re in the mountains just observe your left hand side and you should see this there.. It’s a big place and you won’t miss it.