Shaoxing rice wine

shaoxing rice wine

Named after a city that became famous for its rice wine, Shaoxing is a superior Chinese rice wine that should not be confused with the Japanese sake or mirin. Shaoxing wine is low in alcohol and is good for drinking and cooking. In non-Asian countries, dry sherry is often the recommended substitute.

Bought the bottle of Shaoxing at SM Hypermarket.

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  • mika

    Ms. Connie, I have a bottle of shao xing rice wine at home. Unfortunately, I’ve only managed to use it once on hainanese chicken. Can I use this to substitute for mirin or sake to try your other recipes?

    • Connie

      It isn’t sweet enough. Both mirin and sake are sweet.

  • Carlo

    Hi Miss Connie.
    I’m having difficulty looking for this rice wine in some branches of SM Hypermaket.

    In what specific branch did you buy this?


    • Connie

      My goodness, that’s an old entry. I don’t remember anymore. I’ve moved on to other brands.