Sex in the City (of Baguio)


Speedy wanted to know if I would like to upload some of the photos he took during their company’s four-day conference in Baguio last week. I said, “Of course!” He handed me his flash drive and I chose the photos I liked. And I liked this:

And this:

puple flower growing outside the Ifugao Lodge, Camp John Hay, Baguio City

When I went past one particular photo, he asked if I didn’t see the penises.

“What penises?” I started to look closely at the people in the photos. He stood up from behind me and pointed to a portion of one photo.

I cropped, zoomed in and, oooohh… What do you know, penises indeed! Small though. :twisted:

phallic keychains

hardcarved wooden keychains
wooden keychains in the shape of phalluses
keychains from Baguio

Looks like every stall in Mines View Park was selling the phallus-shaped keychains. Must be a fast-moving item. :mrgreen:

  • Connie Veneracion

    d0d0ng, what a suggestive souvenir for honeymooners. LOL

    toni, next time, I’ll buy. And transfer my keys and use. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Ting, o di ba, it’s like a sign of shedding off inhibitions? HAHAHAHAHA

  • raico

    hi awan ti ammok dita. pero karamihan sa bumibili mga babae..baka sa susonod ari ng babae naman ang titinda.good idea sasabihan ko yung kaibgan ko na gumagawa nyan

    • Lisa (Baguio Insider)

      Consuelo (with a disapproving tone),

      Why would you want large penises as KEYCHAINS?!!

  • Connie Veneracion

    kasi, I also like big eggs? LOL

    • Ryann Castro

      I stumbled on your page ma’am and your article here…

      “Looks like every stall in Mines View Park was selling the phallus-shaped keychains. Must be a fast-moving item.”

      I’am from Baguio ma’am but I really don’t know the reason why they sell such in the market hahaha

      • Connie Veneracion

        Pinoy humor, most probably.

  • d0d0ng

    Next to red cherries???…. i mean strawberries

    By the way, Baguio is a place of choice for honeymooners.

  • toni

    Crazy!!!!! *LOL* I wonder if anyone really uses those penis keychains!

  • Ting

    Hehe, Sassy, when I was young, I was a bit scandalized with those barrels with popping penises being sold in sidewalks in Baguio. I don’t know if they still sell them in Baguio now but they were really classic. They are being sold as keychains now? Well, it’s a sign that I haven’t been home in a long time. Hay, yay, yay!

  • Pao

    Yeah, meron pa rin yung mga naked igorots in a barrel. when you remove the barrel, nagse-shake yung eengkie-weengkie. :lol:

  • rolly

    hmmm, interesting. We know that the models are pinoy. Labas ulo eh. hehe

  • Connie Veneracion

    Eh luma na kasi yun eh hehehehe

  • Mitch

    Just the other day may nakita ako, ang lakiiiiiiii! Pero ash tray sya tas parang handle yung ano na may nakaupong babae! Picture-an ko nga minsan hahahahaha!

  • Chris

    aah…we get to the food part.

    You have to absolutely control a dog’s food intake. He must know that his food source is you, his owner and master. Once again, I know it sounds cruel, but you’ll love a well behaved dog more than one who has an attitude problem. Feed him twice a day for starters (this also helps you predict his bowel movements). Put the food in front of him and give him the command to eat, if he doesn’t eat within a few minutes, take the food away and make sure he doesn’t have access to any other food in the house. Repeat this for his dinner. Eventually he’ll learn that food will only be available through you and at certain times.

    Also, it helps to sometimes wet the dry dog food with water to make it easier to eat. Puppies have sensitive teeth…

  • Chris

    er, that was meant for the dog day entry hehe…sorry!

  • Connie Veneracion

    Hey Chris, he’s learning faster than I imagined. No more poop inside the house yesterday. I bring him out after every nap, we make him stay in the garden after his meals and guess what? He GOES out into the garden to poop now. And no mess overnight (he has a basket beside Sam’s bed). He actually waited to be let out in the morning to poop and pee. :grin:

  • unsentpostcards

    “fast-moving item” *evil laugh*

  • kotsengkuba

    mas classic parin si barrel man. hahaha, bakit walang pictures non si speedy? :D

  • Connie Veneracion

    Viagra-driven kind of fast? HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Chris

    wow connie, must really come from a good breed…the brains show!

  • Connie Veneracion

    Thankfully. Actually, may “accidents” pa rin. Pero, ha, I was blogging earlier, he woke up from his nap and he went to the garden by himself. When I got there, tapos na, naka-poo poo na.