How to make: Pandesal (home baked, of course)

I’m not so sure if the Philippines has a national bread but if it does, it would be pandesal. What is pandesal exactly? It is a small bun characterized by the coating of fine bread crumbs. Despite its name (pan de sal is Spanish for salt bread), pandesal is sweet. Next to rice, it’s everyone’s favorite breakfast. Speedy likes dunking his pandesal in his coffee, I cringe at the practice because I don’t like eating wet bread. Makes me feel like a fish because it reminds me of how we threw pieces of stale bread in the fish pond when we were kids.

For us who live in the Philippines, we have easy access to pandesal anytime of the day. Even in the dead of night, in fact, as there are bakeries that are open 24 hours a day. But for many Filipinos who grew up here but have immigrated elsewhere, the craving for pandesal is hard to satisfy because it is not a staple in bakeries abroad. The most logical solution, of course, is to bake pandesal at home. It’s a daunting project for many but, take it from someone who knew next to nothing about baking until a couple of years ago, it’s not that hard. As with anything else, it takes practice but pandesal is not something delicate like souffle so perfecting the art of pandesal baking can be more easily learned.

Recipe: Homemade pan de sal recipe


  • 1 c. of lukewarm water
  • 1 tsp. of instant dry yeast
  • 1 tsp. of salt
  • 1/4 c. of sugar
  • 1/4 c. of vegetable oil
  • 1-1/2 c. of all-purpose flour
  • 1-1/2 c. of bread flour
  • additional flour for dusting
  • additional vegetable oil for greasing the bowl
  • 1/4 c. of fine bread crumbs


  1. Prepare the dough following the instructions for the basic bread recipe.
  2. home baked pan de sal
  3. After the dough has risen, transfer to a lightly floured working surface. Roll into a log then cut into four equal pieces. This is for convenience and easier handling.
  4. home baked pan de sal
  5. Take one portion of dough and roll again into a log. Cut into six pieces. Do the same for the other three portions of the dough. You now have 24 pieces of dough.
  6. home baked pan de sal
  7. Roll each piece of dough in bread crumbs. Arrange on a baking tray at least an inch apart. Leave to rise for 30 to 45 minutes.
  8. About 10 minutes before the dough is done rising, preheat the oven to 325F.
  9. home baked pan de sal
  10. Bake the pandesal for 25 to 30 minutes or until nicely browned outside.
  11. home baked pan de sal
  12. The pandesal should be lightly crusty outside but soft inside. Serve warm. With butter or cheese. Or split and fill with all your favorite fillings.

Quick Notes

As an aside, I was experimenting with ham-making, the pork was supposed to sit in the brine for ten days but, the other night, there was nothing else to cook so I was obliged to bake it after brining for only four days. It still turned out great and you can see it in the first and last photos in this entry. I’ll post the recipe and photos for that baked pork next.

Preparation time: about 4 hours, including rising time

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Number of servings (yield): 24 pieces of pan de sal

  • sheila

    Thanks for sharing!!
    I have been looking for an easy tutorial on pandesal. Can this dough be used for … let’s say … spanish bread?

    • fashion police

      woooooooW! looks easy to make.. i’ll try it very, very soon! :) thank you!

      • waswi

        awesome recipe, Ms. Connie!:-)

        • Cheryl Esteban

          hi ms connie! i had tried this yesterday, but i didn’t read the instructions properly (i mixed the salt and sugar with the flour)while the bread turned out okay there is still a hint of the yeast smell. could it be because of my mistake? or should have i baked the bread a bitlonger?
          in any case i would be trying it again and again to perfect it! :) thanks!

          • Connie

            I really have no idea what caused that, Cheryl.

          • natzsm

            Cheryl Esteban,
            A yeasty smell is usually an indication that you over proofed your dough. If your kitchen is warmer and more humid than usual. doubling of the dough could happen even in less than an hour.

            If you used instant yeast as opposed to active dry yeast, you could actually add the salt, sugar and yeast to the flour then add the liquid ingredients without any problems.

          • Clarisa

            Hi ma’am! Can I substitute bread flour with all purpose flour? If yes, by how much? I can’t find bread flour in any store near my place. Thank you!

          • Connie

            You’ll find it in baking supply stores.

    • Connie

      Yes, you might have to add more sugar for Spanish bread though.

      • Shiela

        can i prepare everything the night before, up to the cutting of the dough into pieces, then sa morning ko na lang i-bake sa oven.?

        • Connie

          That’s how they do it in bakeries. If you don’t have ant problems, you can try that. :)

  • lori

    hi,thanks for the recipe try ko later,subukan mo po butter ang gmitin instead n oil at buttermilk masarp sya at pino .

    • Connie

      The addition of milk makes the shelf life shorter.

      • Joy

        Great recipe. I got to try this one.

  • Libby

    Miss Connie,

    Thank you for the recipe. I tried this right away. It didn’t look like the way your picture but my family liked them. I live in the cold part of the US. Would that make any difference on the dough? It didn’t double the size. Should I add more yeast?

    Again, Thank you


    • Isabel

      Hi Connie! If bread flour is not available, can i use all purpose flour instead?

      • Connie


        • Beth

          did you make your own bread crumbs?zapping day old bread in the food processor? or did you use store bought bread crumbs?

          • Connie

            Store-bought and freezer stored, in this case.

        • Isabel

          thank you…

    • Connie

      It’s the quality of the yeast. From my experience, different kinds (and even brands) perform differently.

  • peterb

    Around 4 hours to complete. My challenge is to wake up early! Can this be started the night before? Also, can i omit the sugar? I’d like to make a sugar free version. Both my parents are diabetics. Thanks Connie! :)

    • Connie

      The first rising can be done overnight.

      Re sugar: The texture won’t be affected, just the flavor.

      • Homediva

        Re leaving it to rise overnight: how long can I leave it to rise overnight? won’t it “over-rise” and fall flat? Thanks in advance!

        • Connie Veneracion

          Over-rise? Have you worked with yeast before? There really is no such thing. And the dough doesn’t fall until taken out of the bowl or punched down.

          • Lyra

            I left my dough overnight then baked it the next morning, it still turned out the way as I expected. Thanks Ms. Connie! My husband and kids love my home baked pandesal.

  • mark

    I tried it and it turns out great I use wheat flour on the part of bread flour… thanks ms connie. happy new year………..

    • Connie

      Cheers to the new year! :)

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    • weng

      hi ms. connie!

      i’ve been looking for bread flour in different supermarkets but i can’t find it. where did you buy your bread flour? thanks!

      • Connie

        Bakers Depot. :)

        • KK

          Thanks for this recipe Ate Connie.
          I will have to try this recipe because the pandesals we get at the Filipino store doesn’t taste like the ones we get in the Philippines. Most of the ones we get have hydrogenated oil(artery clogger).

          • norieh

            wow thanks poh,na-try ko n lahat ng versions ng pandesal s net,pero ito po ung approved maski hubby ko.i doubled d yeast ginawa ko 2tsp kc iba ung yeast dto at all purpose flour lang gamit ko pero ok tlga sya.nextym lang dagdagan ko ng sugar kc gusto ko mejo sweet ang pandesal ko gawin ko 1/3 cup instead of 1/4.texture wise–super soft sya s loob at toasted s labas,parang pinas lang tlga.ito n gagamitin ko recipe lalo’t eggless sya(cos my hubby’s a vegetarian and he doesnt eat egg also).thanks poh ulit.may recipe po b kayo for loaf bread or buns?happy new year poh.

          • waswi

            i tried this just now, and it was just so perfect! two thumbs up once again Ms. Connie! before, i’m using milk (instead of water) and egg for my pandesal recipe, but now no more! yummmm!
            i’m proofing another batch overnight to be delivered to my friends tomorrow, hot and yummy! amoy at lasang pandesal talaga, can’t wait to share with my amigas. :-)

  • Cheryl Esteban

    thanks again ms connie! i guess i just have to keep on practising!! :)

  • Gladys

    In my hometown, Zamboanga City, pan de sal is actually a bit salty. It was only when I studied here in Manila that I tasted sweet pan de sal. :)

  • Mafe

    I am so missing pandesal! Will definitely try this one during the weekend. BTW I have tried almost all versions of your fritattas and they came out really good. And will also try your other recipes. Right now, I am actually cooking piniyahang manok, based on your recipe. There are a lot in your list that I would love to try, my only dilemma is finding the ingredients. Some of the Filipino veggies are only available here during summer. The spices, I could probably find them in a Halal shop nearby.But anyway, I digress. Thanks for sharing your expertise to the world!

  • Mafe

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I tried this and it was a success. My husband gobbled down 4 right after I took it off the oven. Until the next recipe!

    • mary ann arsuento

      thank you very much for all your works ms. connie. you made everything look so easy to make. you’re such an inspiration to me when it comes to cooking..

  • elles

    isa pa po, magkaiba po ba ang instant active dry yeast at instant dry yeast?

  • Jinky

    Hi Connie! Thank you sa recipe, mukhang masap ito, I will try it on the weekend! I can only buy fine breadcrumbs here that are Japanese made, you know that one we use in Philippines when we deep-fry chicken breasts or fish fillet? Can I use that? Or maybe I can put that in food processor to make it finer?


    • Connie

      You mean panko bread crumbs? You’ll have to make them finer. :)

  • Hasmin

    Hi po, why do you have to pinch the dough after letting it rise?

    • Connie

      Letting it rise a second time yields a finer texture and even grain.

  • http://deleted iamleray

    Hi Ms Connie, tanong ko lang po kung ang texture nito ay parang sa putok pandesal? Masarap din kasi at nakakamiss yung matigas na pandesal. The usual pandesal that can be bought are the soft ones. Thank you po! :)

  • Minnie


    I tried to bake a batch last night but they turned out BISCUITS! I so miss pandesal…thanks for your recipe.

    I will try this anytime this week…am in Africa :-)

    • Connie Veneracion

      Learn what kneading and proofing means. There’s a reason why bread dough must have time to rise.


    I made this pandesal. It tasted really good! Problem is it didn’t rise significantly like yours did in the picture. I used 1 tsp of rapid rise yeast. Is there a diffrence between instant dry yeast or rapid rise yeast?? or are they the same??

    • Connie Veneracion

      There is a difference in the usage. You can search the web for detailed explantions. :)

  • anna ong

    Hi Connie,
    i made this yummy pandesal this morning, and it turned out really good..buti nalang may food processor ako na may pang knead na siya kaya di na ako nahirapan sa pag knead,:=) in about 12 secs or less lang tapos na,,ang kagandahan pa nito,ilagay mo lang lahat ng ingredients sa bowl,no need to wait for 10mins para sa yeast since active dry yeast siya..what made me impressed with your pandesal,kahit na malamig na soft parin !…thanks a lot for sharing this recipe..God bless and more power!

  • anna ong

    one more thing nga po pala,yung yeast ginawa ko siyang 2 1/4 teaspoon.then i bake them for 18mins at 170C-(FAN FORCED)…:))

  • anna ong

    sorry,,yung ginamit ko po palang yeast INSTANT DRIED YEAST..

    • Ponceca Aqui

      bakit pag luto na yun padesal ay matigas?

      • Connie Veneracion

        Eh hindi ka marunong kung matigas

  • mikaela

    thanks ms connie for the recipe and for visual step by step instructions. thanks anna ong, i followed your measurements for the yeast and baking time as i have a convection oven and have tried making pandesal before with 1 tsp instant yeast and my dough didnt rise much. this is the best recipe of pandesal i’ve made so far. it was a little toasted on the outside but soft on the inside! just the way i like it :)

  • Maria

    No eggs needed?

    • Connie Veneracion

      No. It’s bread, not cake. :)

  • Sam

    Pwede po kyang fill ko ng cheese before baking para instant palaman na?

    • jom macalino

      miss connie halimbawa double ko ingridients to make 48 pcs ganun din ba ang rising time or baking time 4hrs din? thanks po,,,

      • Connie Veneracion

        Kung kasya sa oven mo na i-bake lahat yung nang sabay-sabay… Rising time is the same but not the total of 4 hours because you’ll be spending more time cutting and shaping the dough.

  • Maria

    This was really good…will I get the same result if I double the recipe?

    • Connie Veneracion

      Probably. Can’t say for sure as I’ve only used the amounts in the recipe above.

  • flor

    hello ms. Connie,
    tanong ko lang po sana kung makakaapekto sa pag bake ng pandesal kung ang
    temp ng oven ay hanggang 250 degrees lang po? electric oven kasi ang gamit ko. meron po ako turbo
    kaya lang hindi ko pa na try sa pag bake. thanks, wait ko po sagot nyo.

    • Connie Veneracion

      Alam mo, temperature sensitive ang baking. At kung ang meron ka eh toaster oven na walang auto thermostat control, hindi uubra.

    • v guillermo

      celsius/centigrade siguro oven mo. convert mo sa farenheit – around 160

      • Analyn

        Hi Cony! Good day, Maraming beses na po ako nagtry na magbake ng pandesal,ok naman po ang lasa pero bakit kaya natigas kaagad sila pag lumamig na? now I am planning to make one with your recipe, hope this one will turns out ok, is there any suggestions para hindi sya tumigas kaagad?

        • Connie

          Re “bakit kaya natigas kaagad sila pag lumamig na?”

          Aba’y mahirap sagutin yan dahil hindi ko naman alam kung ano-anong recipe ginamit mo o kung ano skill level mo sa paggawa ng tinapay. Maraming newbie baker ni hindi marunong gumamit ng yeast, hindi alam kung paano ang tamang pag-masa, at hindi makahintay na umalsa ang masa nang husto bago ipasok sa oven.

          Re “is there any suggestions para hindi sya tumigas kaagad?”

          If you’re going to follow my recipe, the only suggestion is that you follow the instructions.

          My name is Connie, not Cony. :)

          • http://none lita

            Hi Ms. Conie
            thanks very much sa recipe super lambot like sa pinas ang recipe turned out really good,. looking forward in baking more pa=) hay maraming salamat po talaga. sa dami ng recipe online ito lang talaga ang pandesal taste like sa pinas.

            thank you thank you.

          • Connie

            Welcome, welcome. :D

        • natzsm


          It is normal for home baked goods to harden sooner or faster than commercially prepared breads. In fact, home made pan de sal will hardens only after a day or two after baking.

          If you want the bread to stay soft even up to four or five days like the bread you buy in the bakery, you may add DOUGH IMPROVER and ANTI-AMAG, which are used by commercial bakeries to maintain softness and prevent spoilage.

          BUT then again, the main reason why I make my bread at home is to be assured that there are no added chemicals and preservatives. ALL NATURAL is still best!


  • monette

    Hi Conie,
    I tried the recipe yesterday and the pandesal turned out really good! It was actually my first attempt on bread making and it was a success :) Thanks for the recipe. Cheers!

    • Clarisse

      ms. connie, if i will be using only all purpose flour (no bread flour), how much should i use? thank you!

      • Connie

        The same. Warning though that the texture and mouth feel of the baked bread will be different.

        • nina

          I made these the other day and they were so good- soft yet the bread doesn’t shrink when handled, and not too sweet. My husband now requests I bake pandesal over the sandwich loaf I have been baking for a whole now.

  • Carol B

    I finally had the courage to try baking again after consecutive disastrous results when I first tried baking some 5 yrs ago. As of the moment, the dough for my pandesal is sitting inside the oven for the first proofing. I read all the comments here hoping to find the answer to my question. Peterb asked the first part of my question but I have to post the second part which is if I leave the dough to rise overnight can I skip the second proofing? I read this entry as well as your basic bread recipe and 2nd proofing was not mentioned in the latter.

    Sorry if my question appears to be a dumb one but this is my very first dip in bread baking and I’m really hoping to get a good result para mainspired ako na ituloy-tuloy ang pagbebake.

    Thank you for inspiring me to continue pouring my creative juices into the kitchen.

  • Connie Veneracion

    Carol B, I cut the dough into portions then let them rise again. See above:

    “Roll each piece of dough in bread crumbs. Arrange on a baking tray at least an inch apart. Leave to rise for 30 to 45 minutes.”

  • Christina

    Thank you for this ! I just made it (without the breadcrumbs as i couldnt find them) but it tastes great!! I think i might add a tiny bit more sugar next time tho but apart from that this is a winning recipie!!!!

  • Mizpa

    i just made it..and my chinese husband loved it..thanks for sharing this recipe

  • Marie

    Hi Connie :)

    I just want to say thank you for this. I made my first attempt to bake bread and it was a success. Hindi sya naging pandesal because I don’t have bread crumbs, but it is one of the best dinner rolls that I have ever tasted. Walang echos yun! Hahahahah!!!

    Keep on sharing your recipes with us. You don’t know how much we appreciate your blog. Please never get tired of blogging :)

  • sherry cruz

    can I use buttermilk instead of milk in making the pandesal? thanks.

    • Connie Veneracion

      You can do anything you prefer. Note, however, that if you change anything, I can’t guarantee results.

      • sherry cruz

        i was thinking buttermilk tastes a bit sour…might affect when combined with the yeast…anyway, i will try and will let you know how it went ;) thanks

        • sherry cruz

          i substituted milk with buttermilk. The consistency improved, it was softer and tastes better. Now I am thinking of putting something inside like a filling. Any suggestions? Thanks.

          • Connie Veneracion

            Adobo, asado, menudo, curry…

  • jomar

    hi ms. connie tanong ko lng po pwede po b ito pang negosyo nag babalak po kasi ako mag tayo ng maliit n bakery dtio s pinas..

    • Connie Veneracion

      Hindi ko naintindihan kung ano ibig mo sabihin sa “pwede”…

      • jomar

        i mean puwede po ba ito recipe niyo gamitin ko sa pang negosyo.

        • Connie Veneracion

          Alam mo Jomar, hindi mo pa nasusubukan yung recipe, negosyo na iniisip mo? Baliktad yata. Dapat i-perfect mo muna execution ng recipe bago i-negosyo.

  • Micah

    I didn’t give any commercial bread to my son ‘coz he’s allergic to egg white, cow’s milk and to all nuts, which are common ingredients. However i found your blog and tried to bake, for the first time, which i find easy to follow. My son loves it. At least alam na nya ang lasa ng pan de sal na paborito naming umagahan noong kabataan namin. Mabuhay po!

    • Connie Veneracion

      Oooh, hugs to him. I am allergic to a lot of things too (prawns, crabs, all crustaceans) so I know the feeling.

  • Michelle

    I just want to ask. If I don’t have bread flour available, the ingredients will be 3 cups of all purpose flour? Is there any changes with the taste and texture of pandesal?

    • Connie Veneracion

      Of course, there will be a difference. :)

  • jolie

    ms connie, do you offer personal tutorials?

    • Connie Veneracion

      I’m thinking about it. :)

  • Maggie Orbe

    Hi Ms. Connie,

    It’s my 1st time to make bread and I have been looking for a recipe til I was led to your site. after reading the positive comments I have decided to try bread baking using your recipe. :) I have all the ingredients in my pantry except bread flour. Would the outcome be different if I use 3 c. of all purpose flour instead of 1 1/2 a.p.flour and 1 1/2 bread flour?

    I love your website! :)

    • Connie Veneracion

      In any recipe, change one or more ingredient or procedure and the outcome will always be different. :)

  • Leilani R.

    I tried the recipe this morning and it turned out okay. Well, I’m a newbie and I had to substitute some ingredients so I did not really expect much. The good news is, although my pandesal did not turn out perfect, it was “eatable”! For the first time, I baked something that does not have to be thrown away. I used extra virgin olive oil in place of vegeatble oil because that’s the only one we have at home so my pandesal has some sosyal taste to it which I didn’t like. I also used all purpose flour instead of bread flour because I didn’t have any of the latter. That must have been the reason why my bread turned out crispy at the bottom, much like putok. This recipe certainly is worth trying again. The next time I do this I will make sure to follow all ingredients.

    • Connie Veneracion

      You should read my baking history. I failed a lot of times too. :)

  • weng

    Ma’am if I use an oven toaster, how many minutes do i have to bake? Thank you! :)

    • Connie Veneracion

      Unless your oven toaster has thermostat control, you can’t.

  • ailyn

    Ms. connie,wats dthe diff of all purpose & bread flour.wer can i buy bread flour? dat d ordinary flour that can be bought in market?

    • Connie Veneracion

      Ailyn, if you can fix your spelling, I might understand the question. :)

  • sachi

    Ms. Connie, is it ok to store half of the dough in the fridge (or freezer) if i don’t want to bake them all? for how long po? thanks

    • Connie Veneracion

      I don’t know since I’ve never tried that. :)

  • Bern

    This makes me miss home :( I’ve tried a lot of your recipes and this is the first time I commented. Like your husband I love dunking it in my coffee. Got my mise en place ready I’m sure this is gonna be delicious! More power!

    • Connie Veneracion

      Thanks for the feedback. Good to know you’ve tried a lot of my recipes. :)

  • Kimi

    Hi Ms. Connie, I tried this recipe this morning and it was perfect! Thank you! Now I can make it anytime I want to. God bless!

  • Darryn

    Thanks for the recipie. I was just wondering if you ever posted the recipie for the Baked Pork?

    • Connie Veneracion

      Yes, I did — pork hamonado.

  • Rusty

    I was born in the Philippines but didn’t live there for very long. I left in 1980 and I really miss this bread, but tell me, what’s the difference between pan de sal and tinapay??? Seems all the pan de sal I get in the US is nothing like the tinapay I used to get at the corner bakery for 10 centavos!!!

    • Connie Veneracion

      Tinapay is the generic Filipino word for bread.

  • gigi

    yummy!!!! thanks for this recipe ms connie.. tamang tamang ihain after the christmas eve mass!
    btw.. merry christmas to you and your family..

  • JM

    Hi Ms. Connie!
    Can I used whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour? If yes, do I need to change the measurements of the other ingredients?

  • Connie Veneracion

    JM, if you want to change anything in the recipe, then, you’ll have to figure out what adjustments will be necessary.