Potted oregano

One of the many things that I brought from the garden of our old house was my oregano. Just like the basil, mint, cilantro, peppers, lemon and kaffir lime trees, we had to dig the oregano from the soil and put them in pots so we could transport and replant them.

A month after we moved, we called in the anti-termite people and had the entire house and garden treated. The oregano, which had already been replanted along with the other herbs and spices, withered and died. Until I can replace it, I’m obliged to use dried oregano. I bought a bunch last night, along with some bulaklak ng saging, to cook paksiw na pata.


What flavor does oregano impart that makes it perfect for the sweet sour stew? For some reason, the pungent aroma, bold flavor and slightly bitter taste seem to go well with dishes with a sour base. It is an important ingredient in Italian cooking, a must in traditional pizza, characterized by the sour tomato base. There are several varieties of oregano the flavors ranging from strong to mild. In the Philippines, oregano is popularly used as a herbal medicine.

  • peterb

    Hi Connie,

    I have 2 month old oregano plant, which so far is surviving. I’ve been planning to ask you about your herbs before but never really got to. Many times i have bought herbs and most have withered. So far i have basil, oregano, kaffir lime, java mint and tarragon. My 2nd rosemary plant died, though i think its supposed to be resilient. I’ve been reading online and following some of the tips i find but i still fear that one day i’ll find them all withered. Any tips? :)

  • http://homecookingrocks.com Connie

    Crisma, wow, I’ve never tried oregano tea. I will after I’ve replanted. Dried oregano is much too strong.

    Peterb, my rosemary died too, and that’s back in the old house. Basil, java and cilantro, and dill especially, require very little care. Except that the flowers of the basil need to be cut off. Thing is, they all like the sun so they thrive in tropical climate.

    But oregano and rosemary only like the morning sun ONLY and they are better off with watering twice a day in soil that drains well. They hate severe heat and dryness as far as I can tell. And rosemary is best removed from the pot only when it is at least 8 inches tall.

    Personal observations ko lang yan ha. I’m no gardening expert. hehehe

  • jet guevara

    we also have oregano planted in our garden, and your right ms. connie, mas gusto nila ang morning sunshine, and since hindi na sila naarawan in the afternoon, all year round talaga ang pagdami nila! we make apple sauce out of it, and sometimes i serves as a mosquito repellent. :-)

  • peterb

    Thanks Connie! Our place kasi is shaded and the plants only get a few hours of sunlight. We need to move them pa para humabol sa araw! hehe. The only place for prolonged sunlight is difficult to access naman….and its usually where stray cats sleep.

  • http://homecookingrocks.com Connie

    jet, how do you make mosquito repellent from oregano? Okay yun ah!

    Peterb, this may sound strange but cats sometimes eat herbs. We had a cat who loved to eat the dill in the garden. :shock:

  • jet guevara

    hi ms. connie! just chop the oregano and put it in a nice container, then place somewhere in the corner of the house, preferably yung hindi masyado naiilawan, then viola! hehehe, we notice that kasi when the aroma of the oregano starts to linger in the air, nawawala yung mga lamok! or better yet have a small pot of the plant placed inside the house then “kurutin” lang yung mga leaves niya just to let the smell lingers. again thats what we were able to observe ever since we have that plant. :-) we never tried applying it to our skin directly though.

  • http://homecookingrocks.com Connie

    Thanksm Jet. I will try that. It’s been raining again and when the rains stop, in 2 days, the mosquitoes come out in full force. Eh mura lang ang dried oregano sa palengke.

  • maricar alcarde

    pnu magkakaroon ng evidence para sa investigatory project sa pag gawa ng mosquito repellant from oregano?

    • Connie

      Di ba obvious? Gawin mo, tingnan mo kung ano resulta tapos i-document mo.

  • http://none Crisma

    Yes, I agree with the medicinal efficacy of oregano, Ms. Connie, as this was used before to help loosen the cough of my son. The leaves were boiled to make tea.