• http://my_sarisari_store.typepad.com Sidney

    I like miss Belgium! ;-)

  • http://www.casaveneracion.com Connie

    hahahaha I bet you do!

    • http://www.moderately-confused.com cheH

      I’ll go for Philippines syemper lol

      lovely girls!am wondering who will win?? may laban ba manok natin?:)

      • Marie

        Nice composition. Personally, I find the one waving to the crowd–the girl with her hair up–the most attractive. (Page 3, picture 2)

        • http://www.casaveneracion.com Connie

          di ko maalala how ms. philippines look, cheH. :sad:

          Marie, she looks Middle Eastern, right?

  • http://www.Anticancer-Resveratrol.com JMonreal

    I love Miss Indonesia – she is very charming. She looks like a Filipina with Malayan and Chinese features.