Mano’s Greek Taverna in Tagaytay


We’ve passed Mano’s Greek Taverna in Tagaytay so many times in the past but we never dined there. Many reasons. First, I’m wary of restaurants that claim to serve authentic regional cuisines but are nothing but trying-hard copycats. Second, my daughters are even more wary than I am. Third, we are relatively unfamiliar with Greek food and we didn’t really know what to expect.

Then, last Saturday, we finally decided to try Mano’s Greek Taverna. We arrived in Tagaytay at around 2.30 p.m. for a three day-stay, we hadn’t had lunch yet, so, after dumping our bags in the house where we were staying, by 3.30 p.m., we were off for a very late lunch.


The lateness of the hour proved fortunate since there were very few diners and parking was ample (Mano’s Greek Taverna has meagre parking space on its frontage).


The dining room is not air-conditioned — not many restaurants in Tagaytay are air-conditioned since tourists flock there for the naturally cool air and it shouldn’t have been a problem, really, except that we’re in the midst of El Niño and it was humid.

The interior is simply designed. Blue and white tablecloths — the colors of the Greek flag — which echo the facade.


Empty bottles of Green wine, and posters and prints depicting Greek sceneries adorned the walls.


I ordered the chicken a la Corfu, a sweet and slightly sour stew with a succulent whole chicken quarter topped with greens which appeared to be spinach and leeks. Raisins provided the sweet flavor.


Since my chicken a la Corfu came with neither bread nor rice, I ordered Greek bread on the side. It was 3.30 and I hadn’t had lunch — I needed the bread.


Sam had the beftekia scaras — grilled patties made with minced beef, French bread, milk, red wine, olive oil, egg, salt and pepper.


Speedy opted for the koptoupolo scaras — grilled chicken marinated in olive oil, vinegar, salt and oregano.


Alex, the pasta fiend, had baked macaroni with minced meat.

And how was the food? Except for Alex who said my baked macaroni is better, we were happy with what we ordered. I tasted Sam’s patties and Speedy’s grilled chicken and I loved them both as much as I loved my stew. In fact, if Mano’s Green Taverna serves authentic Greek food, then, I can say that I’ve fallen in love with Green cuisine — to the point that I will try and make the stew, patties and grilled chicken at home. Very soon.

And the price? All four dishes but two extra orders of French fries came to a little over a thousand pesos. Not bad.

And the service? Ah, now that’s where things fell short of my expectations. When we wanted more drinking water, Speedy had to walk up to the waiters’ station to ask. After our orders were served, no one was checking if we needed anything else. Apart from that, well, we were happy. Happy enough to go back there.

  • beng

    hi connie,
    i liked this entry kasi my workmates and I were just there last week! In fact, for my main dish I also ordered the very same dish that Sam had. I also loved their Dolmades and the freshly-baked bread paired with tzatiki. Mano’s greek salad (lots of ripe tomatoes and feta cheese!), Mousaka and greek yogurt with honey were unforgettable. I would definitely go back there with my husband for another round. Got a little tipsy with Ouzo and red wine. Thank God we had a driver on that day. cheers!

  • Nikita

    Hope to get a chance to eat at this place next time we go to Tagaytay.

    If you want to try more Greek food, I recommend Cyma restaurant; they have several branches – been to the ones in Trinoma and EDSA Shangrila Plaza.

    • Connie

      Always wanted to try Cyma, kaso, the girls balk all the time. Now that they’ve tried Greek food at Mano’s, they might be more amenable to dine at Cyma.

      • johann


        I am browsing you site since yesterday, by chance i found your site when im looking for an everyday filipino food. kudos to you this site is very informative. I know personally the owner of the restaurant. Mr. Manos and his Filipina wife Mrs. Estrella. so happen they are friend of our ex boss which is also a greek that’s how we knew them, but we did not try yet to eat in their restaurant because like you we are hesitant if we may like the greek food. thanks to your site, we might try when we visit tagaytay. I heard also that they are serving lamb meat.

        • Joenalyn Torrenueva

          Hi Ms. Connie,

          Thanks for this. We went to Tagaytay last weekend and we’d passed Mano’s Greek Taverna. My boyfriend even mentioned that he wanted to try the foods there since it was featured recently in tv and has good reviews but I hesitated since I’m not a fan of Greek Cuisine (though my mother is in Greece and she loves the foods so much). We dined at “bag of beans” instead (foods there are great too, plus the lovable hot choco I advice you should try), . We’ll try Mano’s Greek Taverna next time and quite excited to visit the city again. I’ll include this on our list to visit.

          • Nikita

            Buti na lang may trackback ka; I missed this article. Will make plans to try this place next time we go to Tagaytay.

            I recommend Cyma also, and there’s another Greek resto we recently discovered – Shomal by Hossein at Trinoma, same area as TGIF, Italliani’s, etc (same floor, outside of the theaters).

          • Connie

            Cyma, I think, has the same executive chef as Go Greek! Robbie Goco.

          • Nikita

            That makes me want to try out Go Greek! so much more… Torture, as it may have to wait another week. :-(

          • Connie

            Di ba Makati office mo? Go tomorrow. :-P

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  • Jam Tolentino

    Hi po.. Our class is planning to have a food review field trip to the same restaurant. How much would you say is the price range for a single person? Thank you..

    • Connie Veneracion

      Hi Jam, at the time we were there, about 200 per person. But please note that that was a couple of years ago.

      Also, Mano’s moved to another location. Same street though. And it’s now a hotel and restaurant, so prices might be really different.

  • frenchadobo

    greek cuisine has become a part of daily meal here as there is a huge greek community here. the most common greek dish we usually have here is dolmades ( hope i spelled it right), it’s a stuffed grape leaf. it’s stuffed with meat and vegetables or for vegetarians, stuffed with rice and some greens, then steamed. the other one is moussaka. it’s similar to lasagna, fried eggplant is layered , each layer is topped with a sauce made of ground lamb and beef with tomatoes, onions, garlic, bouquet garni ( a combination of laurel leaf, thym, parsley and leeks all tied together like a bouquet) and broth then baked.

  • Janice

    hi ms. connie! have you tried jonny rockets, chilli’s and gilligans? nothing greek but food is really good, especially in gilligans food is inexpensive…

  • Connie

    I hated Johnny Rockets especially when the attendants started dancing.

    Chili’s was a hangout when I was still working. Haven’t been there in ages. :)

    Where is Gilligan’s?

  • Janice

    they have a branch in megamall, and in ayala center, i recomend their sisig.

  • Janice

    tony roma’s is also a must try, baby back ribs is really great, here in dubai the ribs were really big,

  • edelweiza

    I’ve always wanted to visit this resto but didn’t have the time during the few times we wer e in Tagaytay last year. Hopefully, I could finally go there this year. :)

  • Hayley

    Every time I’m in tagaytay, never missed going to Manos Greek Taverna. I loved the moussaka ( no comparison) and the roast lamp.