Fontana Resort

Fontana Resort is located inside the old Clark Air Base in Angeles City, province of Pampanga. Angeles City is popularly known as the “entertainment capital” of Central Luzon.

Located just north of what used to be Clark Air Base, Angeles City’s economy was largely dependent on the air base. Until 1991, that is, when the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo forced the Americans to vacate the base. Angeles City was the place to go to for cheap imported goods–from furniture to apparel to canned food to chocolates. Another part of that economy consisted of brothels masquerading as bars and night clubs. After Pinatubo‘s eruption, Angeles City became a ghost town.

Then, the Philippine government decided to develop the area. It became the site of the scandal-ridden Expo Filipino project.

We spent a weekend at Fontana Resort in November, 2003.

Entrance to Fontana Resort

entrance to the Fontana Resort in Angeles City

We had lunch at Lomi House, also inside Clark Air Base, before checking in. The food was great. And cheap too. Don’t look for 5-star amenities at Lomi House though. It looks like a school canteen but the food was really exceptional.

Entrance to our rented villa

rented villa at Fontana Resort

Two- and three-bedroom villas are available. This was the front door to ours.

The Clubhouse

the big slide at the clubhouse of the Fontana Resort

The kids and the daddies spent one whole morning at the clubhouse. The mommies went shopping. Above is the “big slide”. My husband took these photos.

children's pool Fontana Resort, Angeles City, Pampanga

One of the many kiddie pools equipped with slides; this one with an “old ship”.

children's pool Fontana Resort, Angeles City, Pampanga

Our daughter, Alex (in black swimsuit), and friends’ daughter, Erika (in the pink-and-orange two-piece swimsuit), playing in the children’s pool.

The “crocodile” ride

the crocodile ride

This was something the kids thoroughly enjoyed. Those are our daughters, Sam (looking down) and Alex, on a “crocodile” ride. The pool is equipped with an artificial current so that the crocociles glide on the water without need for paddles.

Street children

street children selling boiled kamote (sweet potatoes)

They were a common sight outside every shop at Clark Air Base. These girls were selling boiled kamote (sweet potatoes). The one at the foreground, right, said she did not go to school anymore. One of 11 children, her father had no permanent job but earned as an “extra” in various construction projects inside the old base.

  • Connie

    Yeah, I know. And so many of them no longer able to attend school.

    • michelle manlucu

      how much is the 3 days overnight in fontana?

      • ela

        How much is the entrance fee?

        • anne

          good day,

          how much is the entrance of day swimming also the villas per night there?
          let me know about the rates & suite to our budget.


          • Connie Veneracion

            You’ll have to post your comment in their website, if they have one.

          • janice vigilia

            how much is the entrance of day swimming also the villas per night there?
            let me know about the rates & suite to our budget.

          • Connie Veneracion

            Excuse me?

  • Esperanza Ramos

    I want to know how much is the entrance?if ill bring my family for overnight 8adultsand 2 kids.

    • Connie Veneracion

      I think you should visit their website or office for that information. :)

  • Joe Bariring

    My heart goes out to those kids who are only a spit away from the resort and not able to enjoy it.