How to cook: Fish in chili and garlic sauce


No, I'm not talking about bottled chili and garlic sauce. What went into this dish are chopped fresh garlic and finely sliced chilis. Also based on a Thai dish (which included coriander roots or stems which I didn't have), the really interesting … »

How to make: Cucumber salad with roasted pili nuts

Cucumber salad with roasted pili nuts

All three dishes that I prepared for tonight's dinner were based on Thai recipes. But, for one reason or another, two did not turn out to be authentic Thai dishes. The ingredients for the fish in chili garlic sauce were modified to adapt to what I … »

How to cook: Thai mussel soup with coconut milk

Thai mussel soup with coconut milk

It's a Thai dish1 but the similarity to the most common Filipino mussel soup is uncanny. You have the usual spices and aromatics like ginger and garlic but this Thai soup has a rich broth that is basically the natural juices of the mussels thickened … »

How to make: Crispy catfish and green mango salad (yum pla dook foo)


We had a full course dinner last night -- this crispy catfish and green mango salad, miso soup, fried Vietnamese spring rolls, and lemongrass and tamarind chicken. What can I say? I was in the mood for cooking.Yum Pla Dook Foo was one of the … »

How to cook: Fish egg soup with lemongrass and galangal


This is a simplified version of the Thai Tom Yam Kai Pa. By simplified, I mean I did not have some of the traditional ingredients so I just omitted them. I don't know how much difference the omission of kaffir leaves and pickled bamboo made but my … »