Australians prefer more expensive local produce over cheaper Asian imports


It’s an issue of perception of food safety, and it appears that there are studies to back up the claim that Australians can be “racist” when it comes to buying food.

The origin of animal products and fresh fruit and vegetables was considered more important… than the origin of packaged food…

Our research seems to show there is a hierarchy when it comes to perceptions about food safety, with Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA at the top and Thailand, China and Vietnam at the bottom. ["When it comes to food, Australians are racist against Asia"]

A very First World concern, I must say.

In Third World countries (such as where I live), food choices are largely influenced by prices — or, at least, a perception of what seems to be cheaper. Pork, for instance, which is cheaper by the kilo in the wet market will be preferred by the average consumer over branded meat like, say, from Monterey Meatshop DESPITE the huge difference in quality and hygiene.

And yet, in this Third World country of mine, the average consumer will buy products, including food, endorsed by celebrities irrespective of price and quality.

Clearly, consumers’ buying capacity AND education not only influence choices BUT, more importantly, multiply the number of available choices.

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Stock photo from Pixabay.