A question about a historic spot called Mount Buntis: “Can a mountain give birth?”

Mount Arayat, Pampanga, Philippines

Last weekend, driving along the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) on the way to Mimosa Leisure Estates in Pampanga, I was taking photos through the open car window. It wasn’t a particularly sunny day but I did manage to get a good photo of Mount Arayat, a volcano visible miles away from every direction because it stands on a huge expanse of flat agricultural lands.

The superstitious believe that Mount Arayat is home to the enchantress Mariang Sinukuan and there is even an account that there might be a hidden temple in the area.

The sight of Mount Arayat made me long to photograph another mountain in the area — Mount Buntis. Andres Bonifacio, founder of the Katipunan and known in history as the Father of Philippine Revolution, was executed in Mount Buntis. Why the mountain has been given that name is obvious: from a distance, its shape is that of a pregnant woman lying on her back.

So we were chatting about Mount Buntis and, inside my head, I could see it the way it was the last time I had a good look at it when we were on our way to Baguio City and we stopped after exiting the expressway at Dau. It was around 7.00 o’clock in the morning and Mount Buntis was bathed in golden sunlight.

You know, you get a picture like that inside your head and there’s a certain mood that comes unbeckoned — a mixture of fantasy, nostalgia and an unexplainable melancholy. So, there I was, physically in the car but my mind had traveled elsewhere when Sam suddenly asked from the backseat, “Pwede ba manganak ang bundok (Can a mountain give birth)?”

I was jolted back to reality and Speedy and I exchanged a look that said, “What kind of a stupid question is that?” We told her NO, that wasn’t possible. We weren’t quite prepared for her rebuttal.

“Pwede kaya, Eh, kung mag-erode yung lupa dahil sa excavations, eh di flat na ‘yung tyan nya pati boobs (Of course, it can happen if the soil erodes from excavations her tummy and boobs would become flat).”

What the f..k?!?! Okay, she made me feel stupid.

  • http://casaveneracion.com Connie Veneracion

    OMG, don’t the names of the mountains show the Pinoy’s obsession with the female body! LOL

  • http://www.kotsengkuba.com kotsengkuba

    LOL! :P

    I never knew about Mt. Buntis. I only know it’s South-Luzon version, Bundok ng Susong Dalaga.

  • http://jmtuazon.tinig.com JM

    How come, during a Kasaysayan 1 field trip on my first year first sem in UP Diliman, we visited a Mt. Buntis (or was it Mt. Nagpatong?) in Southern Tagalog? My prof said it was believed that Bonifacio was killed there. Is my prof gravely mistaken? It even had a monument of the Katipunan in the supposed “execution” site. I’m confused. Haha.

  • http://casaveneracion.com Connie Veneracion

    Hi JM, I may be the one who’s wrong. Some books place Mt. Buntis, place of Bonifacio’s execution, in Cavite. It might be a different Mt. Buntis that I saw off Dau. For whatever it’s worth, it was perfectly shaped like a pregnant woman lying on it back but it may not be the execution site of Bonifacio. :)

  • trisha

    this is by far, the most beautiful picture of mt. arayat showing the lady/woman laying on top of it preggy too :) . would you guys have anymore pictures that’s closer/clearer? pls kindly send them to me.. god bless

  • Bernard

    Mt Buntis and Mt Nagpatong are two different mountains…Bonifacio and brother Procopio were supposed to be executed in Mt Buntis but for unknown reasons they were instead killed in Mt. Nagpatong. Some locals said maybe when they reach Nagpatong they got tired so instead of going further to Mt. Buntis they decided to finish them off right there.

  • http://www.nicolerossvillanueva.com Nicole Ross Villanueva

    ahahahha omg sabi ng kaklase ko pag umakyat ka daw jan sa mt. buntis ma bubuntis ka daw!!!